Saturday, July 09, 2011

on the down [s]low

i've mentioned here before and i'll say it again that i think part of my task, mission, art, however we wish to define my writing/life, is to go slow. slow down. way down. stop and eat the flowers, as our beautiful cat, ernie, taught us to do. in other words, carpefuckingdiem. i'm still working on it. by going slow i don't mean, nor do i even hint at, not striving for personal excellence. to be awesome. to do our work and live as best we can at the first intensity. by going slow i am saying that you can be awesome and live at the first intensity without being an asshole. by going slow we learn to savor our lives, our reading, our writing, our loves. by going slow we can practice lovingkindness and encourage our friends and loved ones that they too can be awesome without fucking over any one. i'm still working on it. you can practice competition without being competitive. a perfect day for me is to sit in one spot surrounded by my books, movies and laptop and get up only now and again for food and bathroom trips. that is paradise to me. CREATIVE NON-ACTION, is another term for the art of going slow. again, i'm still working at it. i was born in the summer of love. perhaps some vestigial hippiedom became embeded with my dna. whatever the cause i am, in the phrase of john bloomberg-rissman, happy because i am so damn glad to be alive.


At 9:15 PM, Blogger Jim K. said...

truly a zesty living type...
not bad, when so many go bitter

i suppose seeing the flavor is
the first step in seizing it, eh?


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