Saturday, January 21, 2012


hello it's me again

you greet the face in the mirror

as you scrape the last day's stubble from your face

* * *

you wanted the day to caress you on your cheek

not sucker punch you in the solar plexus

you have no answer

* * *

still you buy books even if you ask yourself

what is a book?

in this brave new digital age

* * *

reading an interview with tan lin on jacket2

you find that lin's published his poetry book

in a variety of formats including sound files and blog posts

* * *

you never wanted a career

in poetry

you do your best to rid yourself of ego

* * *

try again

you love books don't ya

almost as much as you love the poems

* * *

you recognize the face in the mirror

you stare and it stares back

you can swear it nearly recognizes you too


At 10:45 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

my brother,

"you be what you be,
and you see what you see,
and you find what you have

-brother lee

ps: got the books, thanks -- just emailed
gerry to find out who the "venerable poet"
is on p. 7


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