Sunday, October 21, 2012

everyday is halloween

doghouse [2009]

nope.  i've not forgotten about horror films during the high holiday.  but man i wish i can forget this one.  doing some chores yesterday around the house i scanned the channels on the television for anything good.  this flick was broadcast on ifc and i thought oh what the hell sometimes the independent film channel shows some decent stuff.  the british have been doing horror better than us yanks since the beginning of the millennium so what could i lose?

certainly not my perspective.  for this movie is one of the most sexist flicks i've encountered in a long time.  a group of lads, the usual sort of assholes one finds in a cheap-ass horror pic, head out to a small village for a weekend of drinking and scheming the lasses.  it turns out that the lasses have all become man-eating zombies and have put our fellows in the doghouse, get it?

well fuck me sideways.  i wanted every single one of these fuckers to get chewed on.  and spat out.  these dudes were so rotten that they would give the living dead a stomach ache.  i couldn't quite get the tone of the movie either, was it a horror comedy?  i thought it was just an inept script and lousy direction.  the lads couldn't act their way out of a bowel movement. 

not that i gave two shits anyway.  i had to finish my chores.  i didn't even stick to the end and see what happened to the last man standing.  growl.  and



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