Sunday, October 21, 2012

everyday is halloween

i've been wanting to do it for years.  friday night i finally got to do it.  the 'it' is head west on the highway to dixon and go to cool patch pumpkins home of the world's largest corn maze, 53 acres of twisty deadends and circles to mindfuck with you until you lose you head and you get hauled out of the rows on a 5150 emergency call.

tough it was.  but we had a good map reader, b., along with his son j., nick and i traipsed thru the maze at night armed with a map supplied by the cool patch and our flashlights.  oh boy did we get lost.  it took us three hours to find our way out.  i was hoping for a spookier experience.  the maze is so popular with the younger folks that there were literally traffic jams in the rows.  i think b. and i were the oldest in the maze that night.  doesn't matter because we were with our boys and we all had a blast.  without b.'s skills with the map we might never have found our way out!

cool patch is one of the more pleasing pumpkin patches on the planet.  the layout and design of the farm is genius.  all pumpkin patches sport pumpkins in their fields, of course, but cool patch is one of the largest with the grandest plan of fields upon fields of luscious orange and green.  you like pumpkins you'll die of pleasure in dixon.

like i've said going thru the world's largest corn maze at night and getting lost in the rows was something i've long wanted to do.  now i've checked that on my bucket list.  next up go to a professional haunted house and have the piss scared out of me.



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