Wednesday, October 03, 2012

everyday is halloween

now for something really scary.  the 1953 movie robot monster!  unbelievable right?  i mean this movie was cooked up in some one's fetid brain, funded, produced, directed and distributed to the world.  gives one hope that anything is possible, eh?  well, maybe not.  ro-man as a villain is one of the silliest creations ever concocted.  if ro-man was coming after you you'd probably get stomped by him anyway because you'd be laughing too hard to prevent his fake furred bulbous frame from glubbering you to death.  that is if you hadn't already laughed your guts out and bled out.   bear that mind next time you face an arduous task.  you say to yourself, i can do it, because someone despite the cajoles and the odds against it made ro-man!  viva la life!



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