Monday, October 08, 2012

everyday is halloween

someone gave rob zombie some money and greenlighted another of his projects.  i'm on the fence in respect to zombie's work as a filmmaker.  house of a 1000 corpses [2003] is idiotic fun for at least the first 15 minutes or so.  i loved the halloween imagery.  it was clear zombie is a horror fan par excellence.  for his second feature, the devil's rejects [2005], zombie hit deep the neo-grindhouse vein and produced what i think is a gritty, nasty, exuberant film.  i loved that movie.

zombie's follow-up was a grim, silly remake of the classic john carpenter flick, halloween [2007], and a sequel, halloween 2 [2009].  the first was so awful i didn't bother watching the second.  i wasn't disappointed by zombie as i was mystified as to why the guy thought it was necessary to remake a classic film.  perhaps it was simply a paycheck. 

ho-hum.  but along comes the teaser trailer for zombie's latest pic, the lords of salem [2013], and i'm scratching my head again.  the trailer plays like an arthouse flick married to the horror genre.  has zombie been boning up on his argento?  for arthouse horror you can't beat the italian maestro.  however, my money is on a few films by lucio fulci, like the beyond [1981] and the house by the cemetery [1981], for a wicked brew of surrealism and grue.  zombie has considerable history to contend with.



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