Thursday, November 08, 2012

the great big blue eye

i like television i grew up with television i was watching television before i could read i don't watch a lot of television now but i probably watch more television than most people would care to admit

i like commercials i grew up with commercials i probably was humming jingles from commercials before i knew the words to popular songs i even watch favorite commercials at YouTube

i have been a student of literature i have been a student of movies i have been a student of those bits of capitalism we call the great big blue eye

i have written with the television on in the background i learned to tell time by the sequence of programs that aired on Tuesday PrimeTime in 1974

i have measured world events by their broadcasts on television i think poems are better than television but nothing beats a good sitcom

i used to think that you had to be a great person to be on television i think that to be on television you have to be both lucky and perhaps a little deranged

i used to be an intellectual who derided television  i used to pretend to hate television i used to pretend to hate commercials

i liked how each decade has its own look and style and sound evident in their commercials i liked the earthy '70s the glossy '80s the grungy '90s the sleek 2000s

i wanted to write for television no i wanted to write as the television broadcast whatever the gatekeepers had chosen to broadcast

i see no distinction between television and books i see no problems with writing with the television on


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