Monday, November 05, 2012

just found out via silliman's blog that two important french poets have died, anne-marie albiach and jacques dupin.  their deaths are quite a blow to the solar plexus.  not because i thought they would live forever -- who does?  -- but because post-war french poetry had such a profound influence on my writing/reading life.  and i felt perhaps the influences of my reading/writing life would indeed live forever.  another shock to my system was just last week i was watching that dupin video silliman posts on his blog.  can't recall how i was introduced to either albiach and dupin.  certainly the translations by the waldrops for albiach and paul auster for dupin engaged my reading to the nth degree.  both poets were abetted by their respective translators.  better still, albiach and dupin were both lucky to have such gifted translators.  or it was i that was lucky to find their translations so luminous and so necessary.  whatever the case the world is made more more abundant for these two poets' work being in it.         


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