Thursday, October 25, 2012

everyday is halloween

if you want it to be.  i'd written a poet friend a few days ago that halloween is in the heart.  if you are so inclined you carry it with you every day till your last day.  if that sounds a bit melodramatic, so what.  dare to be overly dramatic.  what is life without a little passion, a little obsession.  a boring life? 

dare i eat a peach and spit out the pit.  and so it goes for filmmaker michael dougherty who crafted a film that is a lover's bearhug of the spooky high holiday, trick 'r treat [2007].  i'd written earlier about his movie.  this is not a movie review.  but for each of us we have sounds and sights that can re-uptake serotonin levels and make us go ah!  for me that is horror and halloween imagery and dougherty's movie is loaded with the colors and images of halloween that make me glad to be alive.

evidence of this movie it is obvious that dougherty carries halloween in his heart too. 



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