Tuesday, October 30, 2012

everyday is halloween

we -- i mean nick and anna -- carved a pumpkin.  i supervised.  and cleaned up.  nick drew the eyes, nose and mouth and scooped up all the guts.  both he and anna were slicked with pumpkin swill.  i love the smell of a freshly carved jack o'lantern in the evening.  we tested it with a tea light inside.  gorgeous.

then anna and i watched on the history channel the true story of halloween, beginning with samhain with the celts and ending to our pretty damn new traditions of dressing in costume, going trick 'r treating, visiting haunted houses, and throwing parties.  fyi -- did you know early jack o'lanterns were not carved pumpkins?  they were turnips!  yep, and i'd love to see someone go old school and carve a few turnips.

and but then i watched a french horror flick, mutants [2009], on the sundance channel.  meh.  nothing to get excited about.  the pic owed a lot to earlier movies like the remake dawn of the dead [2004] and 28 days later [2002].  the movie was well-acted and the special fx were pretty good.  but the plot barely made a peep.  i didn't even know it was there. 



At 12:40 PM, Blogger Alan Baker said...

Happy Halloween Richard (thanks for your email, I'll reply soon). When I was a kid in north-east England I didn't know what a pumpkin was - we carved our lanterns from turnips (pilfered from nearby fields). They're a damned site harder to carve than pumpkins.yours, Alan.


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