Friday, November 16, 2012

how now strange this adventure, life.  if that sentence is overwrought it is meant to be overwrought.  i have my tongue lightly touching my cheek.  for see i spent the past month, october, my favorite month, in a relative funk.  i can't explain my low trough.  it simply was.  nothing major.  and i did manage to have some good times in those funkified days.  like watching nick and his good friend j. trick 'r treating and getting lost in the 53 acre corn maze. 

and yet even if we get what we think are our heart's desire, whatever that might be, sometimes the desired effect, ongoing joy, doesn't happen.  we plan and we plan for perfection and the result is sometimes ho-hum.  depression is cyclical.  i need to remember that.  but life is an adventure.  the biggest one we shall ever have.  for me planning only takes me so far.  joy happens when i forget to worry about it.  pleasure is contained in unscripted moments.  to find what we are seeking: stop searching. 

and laughter.  it's a big one.  i inherited my father's humor and his style of laughing.  it has returned to me.  where i find humor i can bite into life.  i know i am healthy again when i can have those big belly laughs.  i sound like dork when i laugh.  i don't care.  because for me laughter is a proof of this adventure.

i don't know what's got into me.  i've been on a werner herzog kick.  again.  there are some marvelous interviews of herzog found on YouTube.  below is a clips of herzog interviewed by the BBC.  during the interview he is shot by a sniper with an airgun.  i have no idea if the whole thing is staged or not.  it seems like he was really shot.  herzog has the serenity of a buddhist monk.  'it was not a significant bullet'.  i laughed loud when i watched this clip.  fucking herzog.  guy's a nut, of the most rarest, bestest kind.

'the poet must not avert his eyes.'  i hear ya, werner.



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