Wednesday, December 12, 2012

the dewdrop world

i heard on the radio that shitloads of couples are getting married today because of the date, 12/12/12.  that's cool.  tho i don't put much stock in numerical symbolism.  after all the world is supposed to end next week on 12/21/12 because the mayan calendar does not go beyond that date.  except that i heard/read somewhere that there is another mayan calendar that goes way beyond the 21st. 

go figure.  most of us want a beginning, middle and end.  but for i suspect that time is a construct and that we are here in the continuous present.  here and now.  of course the here and now will become yesterday's memories.  but i cannot go back to yesterday, nor can i extend my hand into tomorrow.  i live right here in the present.

i am working on a big book of happiness if only i could find the words to write it.

i am awed by silvery clouds illuminating starlight.

i write poems in black ink on black paper -- the words disappear the moment i lift the pen.

i have a song looped in my head that i've forgotten the words and can't hum the tune.

i am the father of a happy child who turned eight today and was given a fender stratocaster and small amp so he may rock the free world. 


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