Saturday, November 24, 2012

no black friday

what a weird concept.  colors that signify whether money is lost or gained.  nick was asking what the 'black' meant in 'black friday'.  we explained that a company operating in the black is making money, if it is in the red it is losing money.  the day after thanksgiving was coined black friday because we live in a consumerist culture and over 80 percent, or so, of our economy is based on people buying shit.  a lot of shit.

but instead of camping out for deals or heading for the malls we headed for the gold country.  the day was beautiful, sunny and cool, with this wonderful slanted golden light.  we spent a long afternoon in jackson walking along its main street and we did duck into some of its shops.  jackson caters to a large tourist industry and there are many stores that are called 'antique shops'.  hell, sometimes you might even find an antique in one of these stores.  rather they are filled to the ceilings with all sorts of pop culture detritus.  the vogue for antique stores was in the '90s when you couldn't round a corner without stubbing your toe on some space selling stuff.  i remember once when entering such a propriety my mother-in-law said, god humans make a lot of junk.

we didn't stick around the shops for very long.  the day was too nice for that and after one shop you've seen them all.  instead we took the long route home.  kinda got lost in a good way.  we headed off the main artery jackson hwy onto latrobe rd and drove thru some of the prettiest country this side of creation: rolling golden and green hills studded with large oaks.  the occasional bric a brac of chimneys on fenced properties that are the last evidence of 19th century homesteaders.  many fowl, such as quail, pheasant and hawks of all kinds.  we even, i swear it, saw a bald eagle soar above our vehicle.

it was, as the hippies like to say, beautiful.  and a perfect antidote to a day dedicated in all ways to shopping.  which is a bit creepy when you think about it.  black friday, i mean.  not that i am anti-stuff or anti-consumerism.  but i would rather spend the day with my family in gorgeous northern california country than be among the bustle and brightness of crowds looking for more stuff.


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