Saturday, November 24, 2012

cannibal girls [1973]

i have a memory of the drive ins.  i don't know how old i am, certainly under 10, and i'm at the sunrise drive in theater.  i know it's the sunrise because right next door is a cemetery and the front gates of the cemetery was -- is -- a wwii era howitzer.

i watched a shitload of horror and exploitation movies at the drive ins.  but this one is vivid in my memories.  i'm not sure who took me to this theater.  my parents?  my father?  my uncle?  who knows.  what i recall is a scene: a man is lured into bed by a bevy of comely young women.  they tie his arms to the bed post.  the women pour some kind of liquid down the belly of the man.  the man thinks that he's in for a long night of serious kinky play.  the women writhe, then lick the man, then bite, tearing chunks out of him.

that's what i recall of the movie.  it's haunted me ever since.  i even developed a phobia of bed headboards because you can get your hands bound against them.  i've also despaired i'd find this movie again.  but look now i found it.  the flick, cannibal girls, was released in 1973.  i'm surprised that the hippie doofus protagonist with the huge head of hair and handle-bar mustache is canadian comic eugene levy.  the pic is directed by comic filmmaker ivan reitman who later helmed the ghostbusters franchise.  the movie is also supposed to be a comedy.

funny but they didn't advertise it as such in 1973, or whenever i saw it.  it scared the hell outta me.  well, kinda.  really that image of the man as the man course strapped to the headboard is the one that did me in.  i have a lot of films to blame for me love of exploitation movies.  certainly this is one of them. 

below is a brief glimpse of the scene that set me to a lifetime of watching really bad films.


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