Sunday, April 28, 2013

sunday services

this is what we did
got up made a cup of coffee
sat down with the sunday paper
and read all the bad news
then anna left to visit a friend
nick watched -- again --
the tremors franchise
i sat in the front room with
all the sunshine and read
the newest rolling stone
then took the selected thom gunn
edited by august kleinzahler
and a collection of buddhist essays
hooked: buddhist writings on greed
desire and the urge to consume
edited by stephanie kaza
to the back garden where it was too
damn warm for so late an april day
later we watched the movie super 8
again because nick loves the film
feeling like shit all day with a stuffy
head and folds of cold chills that anna
tells me sounds like food poisoning
with all the crap i ate last night i am
not surprised  and so here i am at
10:34 pm sunday night
i should be in bed but instead
here i am recapping bits of my
domestic bohemia


At 2:49 AM, Blogger Richard said...

Good poem. A kind of daily laid back "life going on" poem.

I met Kleinzahler. He was here in Auckland and he read poetry at Poetry Live (The Shakespeare Hotel in central Auckland). I read a satirical poem based on my recall of a biography of Howard Hughes. I must see if I can find that as it was (from memory, very good). He seemed to like it. I and a few others had a chat. He didn't seem to like such as Charles Bernstein (I was quite interested in the Language poets). I got a book of his poetry 'Like Cities, Like Storms'

I haven't read it for some time.

He came to Australia with John Ashbery who unfortunately didn't make it to NZ.


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