Saturday, June 29, 2013

oh man this is hot!

when it is already 80 degrees at 9:00 a.m. you do what you can before the sun gets all mega-mega watt and turns the ambient air into a blast furnace.  we did our usual saturday chores and worked in the garden before noon.  it is 10:30 pm as i write this and temperature is 87 f.  it is fucking hot!!!

but it's a dry heat and what is summer in sac without a many few 100 plus days.  after our chores we closed the drapes, turned on the A/C and hibernated. 

i am catching up on blogs and read this lovely, thoughtful post by my great friend in life and art, tom beckett.  i too never wanted to be teacher.  i too work in a job that cares little for art and poetry.  it is of my choosing.  poetry is not a career.  it is a vocation.  an obsession.  a life.  and if lucky we find other like souls who make our journey thru life so much better, grander and richer. 


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