Saturday, August 23, 2014

sometimes i just need quiet.  so much noise surrounds us, penetrates us, permeates our environment.  heads bent to these blue screens.  pixellated faces.  eyes drawn tight against hills and valleys of data.  life in two dimension: physical/digital.  we are not centaurs.  we are creatures of the digital divide.  sometimes we create art in the division.  sometimes we need to turn off the machines, go for a long walk, and give ourselves time to daydream.

* * *

i've been groovin' on the video work of finnish poet karri kokko found here at youtube.

* * *

sometimes you gotta shut down the machines and read in print.  today i read a couple of back issues of the kansas lit journal first intensity.  particularly the reviews by poet john olson, a brilliant writer whether he is  analyzing a book, or composing his singular poems.  

* * *

what!?  summer is almost over!  the end of summer means the beginning of fall.  fall means, shorter days, cooler nights, turning leaves, and halloween.  


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