Sunday, August 17, 2014

wind down of summer

i still smell of chlorine from the pool.  i'd say my hair is lighter for being in the sun but my hair is losing its pigment and is more salt than pepper, all the time.  i don't shave usually on the weekends and anna asked me today what the hell is with my hobo beard.  today was close to 100 F degrees.  but the days are getting shorter and the light is changing.  a subtle change in the light.  i've been looking at the fall catalogs coming in our mailbox with their halloween decor.  i fell asleep watching a documentary about the writer hubert selby, jr. via on-demand.  i did not fall asleep because it was boring.  rather i fell asleep because i started watching the docu at midnight, after watching 2/3rd of e.t. [1982] with anna and nick.  it was a long week.  my faith and pleasure in my fellow human beings was severely tested.  this weekend had a hard few moments too.  and yet. . .and yet. . .my love for people was affirmed in not so small ways too.  the first noble truth: life sucks.  and then what we do with that knowledge makes all the difference.  sometimes music is the organizing principle.  sometimes music can even be transcendent.  there was once upon a time a street skateboard team called JAKS that used the phrase ABSOLUTE MUSIC as its motto.  quite utterly.  slowdive reunited this summer of 2014 and hit many music festivals.  after social distortion slowdive is my other favorite band.  below they perform 'alison.'  ABSOLUTE MUSIC.


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