Thursday, February 26, 2015

when ISS passed over our house sunday night there was a flash of blue light that surrounded the space station.  i saw it.  anna saw it.  nick saw it.  i'm sure it was light refracted thru the atmosphere but it was amazing to see it.

the DVD renaissance is over.  in the early part of the last decade DVD companies sprouted up.  they lovingly restored many obscure arthouse, horror and exploitation films.  i have hundreds of beautiful discs.  now i stream movies.  in fact i have netflix cued up as i type.  i found a half dozen jess franco pics on netflix.  cool.  there are a handful of jean rollin [french director who specializes in a kind of glazed eroticism] too.  but only one dario argento film.  i miss those companies [yes, there are companies who produce DVDs but the excitement of discovery for old crazy films, and the fact that most DVDs do not have a shitload of extras as they did 10 years ago, underscore the bald fact that the DVD market is shrinking].  i hope online streaming services find their own renaissance.

the world is always in transition.  and yet i think the world is being transformed into something we don't know.  tech is driving these changes.  so is the economy.  so is the changes to our ecology.

i have hope but i worry about our future.  


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