Wednesday, July 15, 2015

30 years ago

can it be 30 years?  i was an 18 year old fuck up doing god knows what.  i remember this day, july 13, 1985 fairly well.  i mean i don't remember what the hell i was doing.  i do remember it was a hot summer day and i was running around like any idiot teen.  but then i stopped at the house of a friend.  i was with other friends.  the TV was tuned to live aid, a dual concert organized by midge ure and bob geldof to raise funds for relief with the ethiopian famine.  the concerts were held philadelphia and london.

all the top acts of the day performed either in the u.s. or london.  bands and artists like duran duran, queen, madonna, simple minds et al. rocked the world in the effort to help ease some suffering in ethiopa.  phil collins earned the reputation as the hardest working man in rock&roll because he performed on continents courtesy of a transatlantic flight via the concorde.

i think it was a signature achievement in popular culture at that time, and at any time.  i would have posted this memorial on july 13, the exact date of the concert, but i was happily camping with nick and his fellow cub scouts  learning the hard way that my 12 year old self clashed with my nearly 50 year old self when i tried to ride a bmx bike.

below is a video of 'heroes' performed by david bowie at live aid.  i posted this video before.  i do it again because i think the song is beautiful and the performance is jaw-droppingly brilliant.



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