Friday, July 10, 2015

joy ride 3 [2014]

don't piss off trucker rusty nail.  oh because if you do you are fucked.  nail is the bad guy in this horror franchise.  is rusty nail an apostle of satan?  is he the avenging angel making right in a world gone wrong?  is nail just a dude that has gotten lucky from death or capture by police in his pursuit of hurting relatively innocent victims?

who knows.  because when you get to the third movie in a bottom-rung franchise the movie takes on a kind of interior anti-logic of its own.  since i've not been witness to the other two films in the joy ride series i am unable to compare the wrath and righteousness of the villain rusty nail.

still, the production of this feature is solid.  but the direction is limpid and the writing could use, um, a couple of writers.  i mean seriously.  the set pieces between nail and his victims, erstwhile twenty somethings on the road to race their race vehicle at the national level, is not bad.  the fx is good.  but when nail taunts the leader of the young people over a mobile phone and the young man doesn't say, i have had my tetanus shot and have a big hammer to pound your nail, fucker, i wondered about the efficacy of our education institutions ability to teach writing.

well now then i have a preternatural fondness for small budget horror films, especially cheap shit horror movie franchises.  i see a number after the title of a grossly under-budgeted horror movie and i'm on it like bees on honey.  can i tell you this is a movie worth an hour and half of your time?  are you fucking kidding me?!  seriously this pic is for movie masochists only.  proceed at your own risk.  


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