Sunday, May 22, 2016

this was the old days of the steinhart aquarium in golden gate park in san francisco i was in my early 20s single & i must add a complete idiot

i rumbled thru each display tank & diorama like a good soldier until i hit the tank that contained the octopus

there as a girl too with her friend or boyfriend with a two-syllable french sounding name

the girl was cute she held my attention she wore glasses and her long hair fell over her eyes

i was standing before the octopus with the girl & her french sounding companion

it was feeding time & i was waiting for the octopus to get dinner the octopus was waiting too somehow i could tell

then there was a stirring in the tank the lid opened & a crab was tossed in the crab clung to the wall the octopus hit its target faster than a bullet from a winchester 30-06

a loud crunch was heard

or so i remembered it when the girl said oh then the two syllables of her companions name

she & him moved on to another part of the aquarium

while i stayed alone before the tank watching the octopus feed on the crab


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