Tuesday, June 14, 2016

what's going on: right now

i'm watching BIG JOY: THE ADVENTURES OF JAMES BROUGHTON on PBS right now & am delighted to see my friends in life & art alex gildzen & jim cory in it too

i can't remember the last time a program about a poet was broadcast on national television

been a long while

back in the early ''90s when i was dating anna the cable channel bravo would program documentaries, profiles, performances & biographies of writers like seamus heaney, david mamet & painters like david hockney

those shows were a good introduction to the creative life for a young pretension really confused poet

yeah we have the internet now everything is available at a couple of clicks if you are looking for it

if you want art but don't know where to look TV is a good place

it was for me but then again what the hell do i know i'm growin' old & once upon a time composed my poems on a -- get this! -- typewriter

you can carbon date me!


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