Friday, June 03, 2016

nothing is exotic

i sd recently in a poem no matter where you are or how exotic the locale people live there and they watch TV which is a very normalizing activity for we are human and most humans like to watch TV

joseph brodsky sd he was writing or translating in the u.s. and he reached for the dictionary and he realized that he would make that gesture no matter where he was because the physical place he occupied was an extension of all the space we share and the act of reaching for the dictionary grounds him to the ordinary world

when i travel i like to go where people do their shopping get their food buy their clothes because going into a supermarket in a different country is a ground to the commons for we might do things a little differently each of us with unique smells flavors and sounds but we are not beyond our ordinary human being

watching TV in paris is similar to watching TV in des moines the flavor is different but the expression is the same and the land is remarkable for being an ordinary extension of space 


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