Monday, June 06, 2016

anti-poet jim mccrary

even a casual reading of this blog uncovers my love of jim mccrary.  i'm not the only one who loves this poet.  okay, i called him, in the phrase of nicanor parra, an anti-poet in the title.  there was a profile of mccrary a few years ago titled 'poet and anti-poet' so i'm not the first to arrive at the appellation.  and i think the noun fits this one of a kind writer.  anyway, jim's life, poetics, and life in poetry has long been a bedrock foundation for me.  and here is a video made by a fellow lover of jim's work, esp. the poem 'edible pets', which she first read when both jim and the filmmaker were students at sonoma state university.  behold!  lovely short film about jim mccrary, his stint as a grad student at sonoma state, and his poem 'edible pets'.  holy crack-a-doodle this film has made me happy!


At 10:44 PM, Blogger Glenn Ingersoll said...

Did the filmmaker name herself? If so, I missed it.

I remember that poem and that issue of Mandala. I never attended SSU but I have friends who did, and I had a couple poems in the magazine, though not that issue.

My favorite section of Edible Pets is the one about being surprised at the greasiness of parrot.

Thanks for posting that, Richard.

At 11:22 PM, Blogger richard lopez said...

the filmmaker does not name herself in the narrative or captions of the film but her name is on the title card. her name is sonia findley.


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