Thursday, August 04, 2016

drive in horror show [2009]

how does one enter the time s/he lives in?  regarding technology and mores.  okay, scratch mores but let's talk about technology.  i'm a relatively older dude.  i was born in the last half of the previous century.  the world i knew was utterly analog.  sure, if you take a 20 year and plopped her 30 years in the past, say 1986, she would recognize the u.s.  she would even recognize, maybe, the technology.  after all, we had electricity and plumbing and modern medicine in the '80s.  we even had mom&pop video shop, and drive in theaters.

but fuck that.  we still have drive in theaters, and this movie capitalizes on our - my! -- nostalgia and love of drive in theaters and mom&pop video shops.  this is an anthology film of four stories, each of middling interest, told by our host, the projectionist, who operates a drive in theater from hell.  his customers are two ghouls who hate the films but love the drive in. 

as for the four stories in this movie the less said the better.  the acting is good in each story but the premises are pretty goddamn worn out.  the charm of this film for me is the between stories chatter by the projectionist at his drive in from hell.  i am reminded of the kind of VHS copies found at mom&pop video stores.  you'd pick up a video based on its title and garish sleeve art.  you make your choice of movie based on that art.

so the filmmakers are devoted to an older analog world yet made their movie in the early 21st century.  who is their intended audience?  older dudes like me?  who knows.  i watched this movie via online streaming based on its title.  put drive in movie in the title and i start salivating like pavlov's dogs.  is this movie worth your time?  hell no!  unless you are a movie masochist that pines for the 1970s - 1980s drive in theaters and mom&pop video shops.  you know, people like me! 


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