Monday, August 08, 2016

so anna and i went grocery shopping tonight and lo! in the flower section of the store were items for halloween like jack o'lanterns.  if you think things for halloween are too early let me remind you that we have only a couple months before the high holiday.  yes, it is very hot outside.  nick is going to an aquatics camp tomorrow, which is redolent of summer, but fall is right around the corner.  when i see halloween iconography i fucking swoon!

still haven't seen judo on TV [oh, the alleged gunshots last night remain alleged.  who knows what the sound was but surely it was next to nothing] and i am waiting.  i suspect i'll be waiting until the next olympiad.

after midnight and i am wide awake.  i am scanning the TV channels for the odd sport even at the rio olympics.  gymnastics and soccer [football] is on right now.  i do like watching diving.  as i said, i'm not a sports loving guy.  but i remember the first olympics i watched on my own, 1976, montreal.  i've watched every olympiad since 1976.  there isn't a point to be made here.  only just that i'm a dude who doesn't like sport but i like watching the olympics because the olympiad is the place where we all re-remember every person on the planet is more similar than they we are different.  our cultures vary but our human being is the same.

but then anyway, today was a hot one.  the jack o'lanterns at the grocery store tonight made me happy as they were a reminder that fall is straight ahead.  but then again, time is always rushing forward and rarely looking back.  the light is starting to change to a softer, golden, diffuse glow.  time doesn't give a shit how i feel about it.  time just flows.


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