Sunday, September 18, 2016

diary of a halloween horror freak

it is in excess of 100 degrees F. today despite it being late summer, early fall.  despite the temperature i am in full hold-on-to-your-hat halloween mode.  last night nick and i went to one of those halloween pop-up stores, spirit halloween, 10 minutes before closing time.  we spent those 10 minutes looking at the animatronics, and the masks.  nick still hasn't decided what to be for halloween.  he is 11 years old, going on 12.  this might be the last year he takes an interest in trick'r'treating, so i would like to make this year count.

however, i am nearly 50 years old and every halloween counts.  i was just on youtube watching haunted house tours.  yep, the haunted house industry appears to be doing very well.  i think that might be because people want to get out into the world and experience something that is not recorded in binary codes.  i don't know, really, why haunted houses are so popular.  i've only started to pay attention to them five years or so ago myself, after a long haitus. 

at any rate, we are now squarely in the scary season.  you know, this is my favorite time of year.  next up is a visit to a haunted house, and the pumpkin patch and corn maze.  who know what else.  i'll ramp up my horror movie watching, but then again, i'm always watching horror movies.  i'll certainly check youtube for halloween horror vids.  some people are made calm by pictures of flowers and mountains.  me, a bloody skull and a jack o'lantern sets my sine waves to zero. 

go figure.  be that as it may, life is too short not to embrace what you love and are attracted to, as long as that does not harm innocent people.  halloween is one of my great loves.  perhaps something is broken in me.  but then again, why apologize.  i love the scary season.  might we all be lucky to find something we can love. 

peace out


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