Thursday, September 22, 2016

happy 1st day of fall

it had been a blistering start of the work week.  100+ F on monday and tuesday set me in an awful mood.  then yesterday's cooler temperature, it even sprinkled a bit, just enough to make the cars dirty, and today is the first day of autumn.  i wore a light jacket to work this morning.  it was that cool.  fonzie style cool.  even the temperature was that cool.  it is getting darker earlier, the leaves are changing and dropping from their trees, and the light is so hazy gold and soft it brings tears of joys to my eyes.  yes, i'm a big softy.

finally, now is my favorite time of year.  below is a halloween inspired video that i posted last year but it is a lovely song and video so redolent of fall and the scary season i love it.


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