Sunday, December 04, 2016

theory of TV

yes we are here in between the space of a few breaths

why pretend we are not tourists on earth

when we are tourists everything around us is in sharp relief

we are strangers here & we are ordinary citizens on earth

e.g. we plan for a holiday in paris where its history

architecture literature art & people beguile us by their beauty

the blvds and boits in sharp relief against the days of our lives

everything & everyone we see in paris turn exotic strange & beautiful

when we vacation in a place that place takes a significant resonance

i recall standing in a queue w/ anna waiting to board a boat to tour alcatraz prison

2 very goodlooking young men standing in front of us

& 3 or 4 chinese girls were behind us talking & giggling madly

one girl approaches the boys and translates for the girls

we are here in california & my friends want to know if you are movie stars

& what is more ordinary then the desire to be dazzled by difference

but even in the midst of the exotic are its citizens who find their home

look out our windows at the scenery we see everyday & then turn on the TV

thus by this common act everywhere we live & everyone on earth whomever we are

or wherever we are ordinary



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