Thursday, February 23, 2017

when i publish my writings on this forum i think of the texts as provisional some are movie reviews other pieces are diaries and still others are poems and essays i think all my writing is unfinished and i try to use the aesthetic utilized by better makers like jim mccrary and nicanor parra who are antipoets sometimes their texts are raw funny sloppy erudite and so on

so sometimes i keep my texts sloppy much like a punk rock musician who plays her instrument out of tune on purpose i think of the great anti-solos by punk guitarist greg hetson where the notes are on this side of chaos

that sounds like an excuse for bad writing but that ain't what i'm getting at i'm reaching for an art that is yes punk but as deep and profound as i can make it

i also go for simplicity years ago i saw the works of the japanese artist takashi murakami at the SFMOMA whose aesthetic he called SUPERFLAT

SUPERFLAT as theory is sorted by pop culture and fine arts together to explore the shallowness of culture as a lover of b and z grade horror movies comic books pulp novels porno chic era films this aesthetic thrilled me

but i am also a student of asian cultures and its poetries it is said that when you stand west in california you are facing east i am also a student of eastern european and latin american poetries and i really dig it when those poets are also influenced by asian poetries like jaan kaplinski and again nicanor parra

further these poetries are marked by simplicity and i am doing my best to be simple in expression

so i've been rereading my most recent essay or proem and worrying over it i am trying to work thru my difficulties over the necessity of art even in the teeth of our most likely extinction

the fault of course is mine because my default setting is joy i am honestly thankful to be alive even when the times have turned shitty

how do i and you square art making when our civilization won't likely survive  that was the crux of my essay written in the prism of SUPERFLAT antipoetry

i think i failed that task in my text it is just as well i'll fail better again tomorrow


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