Thursday, April 13, 2017

lunch poems

this is what happened: as soon as i sat down and took my peanut-butter & jelly sandwich & bag of tortilla chips out of my backpack several brown city-bred finches surrounded me

the bolder one jumped on my lap as i reached for a chip and gave me the once-over

i swooshed the bugger off

the finch hopped on my lap again

it was a nice day the weather was warm & the sky was clear while people were doing their things going to & fro & up & down the outdoor mall

i swooshed the bugger off my lap one more time

it was at this time this finch leapt from the ground and tried to snatch my chip from my fingers

i felt the wind from its flapping wings

i jumped from my seat laughing

this finch stood its ground looking me up & down

i thought hard

then thought fuck it you deserve one & flung my chip at this finch

who thanked me by grabbing it before the chip hit the ground


At 4:42 AM, Blogger said...

ahahhaha! funny post. You shuld have added more details to it to give a good laugh to your audience.


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