Sunday, April 02, 2017

sitting around doing nothing

i saw a retweet a few days ago that read, if we ain't talking sandwiches we ain't talking which cracked me up because that summed up my theories of life this weekend

i went to TOGOS, a local sandwich shop that was pretty mighty in the locality but now has a few shops here and there but for me TOGOS is the sandwich par excellence say what you want about your own local deli and sandwich makers for me this shop is the highest of the art of making sandwiches

so yesterday i went to TOGOS for dinner but i hadn't spoken very much all day, or something, because the young man making my food asked me simple questions like, would you like mustard, i was able to stutter single syllable words, like yes,

i thought perhaps i've had a stroke indeed my recall for random trivia and other shit was pretty damn good now i'm having difficulties recalling the names of favorite poets and filmmakers oh it has gotten bad, e.g. this afternoon i was watching alfred hitchcock's great movie, SHADOW OF A DOUBT [1943], starring joseph cotten and teresa wright, and hume cronyn

i've seen this flick before in fact i watched this movie in a film class way back when i was in school but apart from bits and pieces of the movie i can't recall most of it

i mentioned this to anna and she remarked, not being able to recall a movie is very unusual for you

fuck me, hard

maybe i should just stick to sandwiches

the world is more fucked than we care to admit but the show must go on poems must get written movies produced and viewed and music to move us

i didn't do very much this weekend, for me that is a sheer delight, but we did do our weekly chores, the weather is down right gorgeous, and i watched five came back [2017], a three-part documentary of five successful hollywood filmmakers, john huston, george stevens, frank capra, john ford, and william wyler, who went head-first into the fiery mouths of hell that was WWII to make make movies about the war and to document it as evidence, the episode with george stevens who was with the allied troops when they liberated the death camp of dachau is particularly harrowing

this series is a testament to the power of truth-telling and art, how cinema is perhaps one of the greatest forms of art we have thus created so far

then again, i am biased for poetry, i think poetry is music, movies and literature all in one, and it is april, poetry month

well, it is always poetry month, day, hour, minute, second for me, i don't do anything special for poetry month except to dare to eat a peach [couldn't help myself to say that, sue me!] what i think i'll do is write a few reviews about movies that have dared to take on poetry and poets as their subjects

and there are a few poetry based movies out there, also, i'll be dipping in to bill cohen's wonderful tattoo blog for his annual tattooed poets series, please click here for cool pics of tattooed poets and their poems

peace & love


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