Sunday, March 12, 2017

wide awake and watching the newest episode of the walking dead 
the day was exquisite sunny warm birds bees & trees in bloom
we bought a pressure washer yesterday [if that ain't a study in poetics
i don't know what is] & cleaned our garden & drive way
worked ourselves into exhaustion but then i needed new shoes
mine had worn out from my walking to & fro & up & down
well then so what about all that is not so interesting except
after purchasing my shoes i went next door to the Barnes & Noble
to see what might be inside i was surprised to find quite a collection
of print lit mags but maybe i'm getting old because print journals
are often boring but that is no diss on the poets published therein
& i did buy an issue of new letters because of an interview with
peter everwine interviewed by two fresno based poets
jon veinberg and christopher buckley & i like those two fresno poets
then i read a couple of articles in a mag titled new philosophy 
an issue dedicated to future predictions of the human being
because i agree we are in an era of great economic & technological change
throw in a destabilized climate to boot & well who the fuck knows
we might not survive certainly our civilization won't survive
but after the catastrophe if we are able to rebuild the philosophers
i read tonight mostly agree that we shall merge with technology
cyborg edited genes brains interfaced with information devices
& really that is happening right now as i type these words in to the ether
we shall remake what it means to human if we survive
i hate this spring forward lose an hour time change


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