Saturday, March 11, 2017

sometimes one must get one's head out of one's ass

i was thinking of risk & adventure how my bio is pretty lame

i have not scaled mountains nor sailed the oceans blue

nor hitchhiked across the u.s. nor done any of those things

that one would usually ascribe to an extra ordinary life

but yet i ascribe to a philosophy that was best phrased

by my friend the poet alex gildzen

'i would rather head dive in to the o.e.d.'

reading & writing are the great adventures

for me literature is not a career

but a way to live in the world

by and thru poetry the poet [the reader is the poet, too]

rearranges and recreates reality

having a career is akin to money-making devices

we know poetry is most definitely not a money-making device

but then neither is love & friendship

& in the end when you are nearing death

you will reflect upon your life not by the number

of zeroes in your bank accounts

[tho i'm sure there are exceptions among us]

but how you lived your life

& life for me is how far & wide & deep

i dive in to the o.e.d.


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