Thursday, March 02, 2017

yes these be strange times when a writer at the new yorker pens an article about how recent society fuck ups [the election, the best movie oscars flub] might indicate that we are indeed living in a computer simulation, and the dude is serious

at a loss i stumble thru these days waiting for the comedy, waiting for the punch line of the joke

like survivor's shock i want to wake up from a bad dream but i know that this is reality

even in this reality i want to praise life poetry movies family friends

i want to praise women and men and othergendered and the beauty of women and men and othergendered

i want to praise the children of women and men and othergendered

i want to praise language and books and the internet

i want to praise javier sicilia the mexican poet turned peace activist whose son was killed by narco traffickers who wants to end the drug wars thru non-violence and legalization javier sicilia is a hero of mine

i want to praise the tourists i saw tonight in downtown sacramento stopping every few feet to take yet another picture with their phones of the state capitol and other sites for when i saw them i thought they must be out of state because who wants to take pics of little ol' sac but then it was a lovely early spring evening and when we manage to stop every now and then and eat the flowers we will rediscover the magic of where we live and our place in it

because we are granted no other place for it makes us as we make it and we can create a prettier world even as we study the beauty of the world as it is


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much love to you and kent, too. we need to get together again, soon!


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