Wednesday, March 29, 2017

quote unquote [i.m. joanne kyger 1934 - 2017]

Dangers of Reading

After reading this quote from Joanne Kyger--

     "Writing for me is a kind of daily practice.  Even if you 
     don't have anything to say, you keep your hand in -- that's 
     the journal, just jotting something down, observations of
     eternal weather.  I find if I don't write for awhile, I become
     very uncentered.  But that's because I'm used to using the
     journal as a kind of focus."

--I leapt up and slammed my forehead into the corner of
Molly's bedroom door -- blood rushing into my eyes, lips, chin.

--tom morgan [on going: poems, journals, sketches 2002 - 2005; bootstrap press, 2007] 


At 4:53 AM, Blogger ukbestessays said...

Looks like that you have almost same habits like me:) Well, yeah i agree that if you have not something to say, just pick up the pen and try to portrait your thoughts onto the paper. and you will see the amazing results soon:)


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