Friday, September 15, 2017

i learned today that grant hart, drummer/singer/songwriter, formerly of the great punk band husker du, died at the very early age of 56.

i remember, when i was 15, and a screaming punk rocker, i saw husker du live.  i didn't know the band's music.  earlier in the day a friend put on their album land speed record to prepare me for the show.  the band's intensity, and their blitzkrieged, tempo was a fucking revelation.

i don't remember if this was my first punk gig or second.  i do remember it was the summer of 1982.  i had just shorn my hair to the standard hardcore buzz-cut.  i was wearing a flannel shirt, torn jeans, and steel-toed motorcycle boots.  that was the hardcore uniform.

grant hart looked nothing like a hardcore punk.  i recall he was wearing green army fatigues and wore his hair at a long, hippy length.  i also recall hart and fellow band mate and songwriter bob mould would switch singing duties.  when one would go to the mic he'd take the flying V guitar while the other would take a seat at the drum kit and so on.

later on, my buddy and i exchanged a few words to an inebriated bob mould.  he told us about the punk scene in minneapolis  etc etc.  that's my claim to fame, a brief tet a tet with bob mould!

at any rate, grant hart was a gifted musician.  and by all accounts a good man.

below is husker du's cover of the byrds' '8 miles high'.  one of my most favorite cover songs that, to my ears, betters the original.  listen and see how hart hits the skins!


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