Sunday, October 01, 2017

everyday is halloween

yep; it's my favorite time of year.  the scary season.  the turn of the year when red and gold leaves go belly up [i know, leaves don't have bellies, sue me!] and drop like hanged men from trees, the air gets cooler and sunlight switches from the harsh blue glare of summer to a softer, particulate, hazy brown and gold.

and halloween, the best holiday humans have created, is 31 days away.  it is time to celebrate.  so to kick off the spooky season i've been watching some of my favorite halloween haunts on youtube.  yes, there are production companies that specialize in making travel videos for the armchair theme park enthusiast.

my favorite production company, sharp productions, is, i think, based in southern california and always makes entertaining videos of tours of haunt mazes.  the company, or person in charge of the company, employs entertaining guides who are the ciphers of the viewer's experience of these mazes.

i shall try to get to a haunted house this year.  i got an iPhone -- which is my introduction to the 21st Century -- so i can record my thoughts and take pics and, being the intrepid reporter that i am, make a full report back to you.  in fact, on my bucket list -- a very short one since i generally abhor the idea of bucket lists, life, even at its most mundane and ordinary, is the greatest adventure -- is taking nick to halloween horror nights in hollywood.  i have a friend at work who has been to this attraction a couple of times with her son and tells me it is very crowded but the mazes are freakin' amazing.  she recommends the r.i.p. pass, which allows for multiple front of the line privileges, along with dinner with wine, or your drink of choice, and parking.  parking can cost you your wazoo.  so the extra price for the pass balances out the price of parking and admission to the park, which combined can cost the attendees either their arms or legs, removed by a texas chain saw!

i'm a sucker for that kind of shit.  i love halloween and all things that go bump in the night.  so fuck yeah!  here we go!



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