Saturday, January 08, 2022

the book of the pandemic, of these mad/wild days, has yet to be written.  for to give our time the proper/necessary description & analysis requires time + distance to give it its due.  there are plenty of good works being constructed right now.  but to give this crazy time its fair due that requires time & distance.  still, one must live in the present.  i drove nick to & from the local comic con.  nick is a huge fan of manga & anime.  sac convention center was buzzing with young people in cosplay & so on.  all of us at casa de lopez/bronson are triple vaxed & double masked when we venture outside.  nick tells me everyone at comic con were also so masked.  nick told me of discussions that he had with his fellows at the convention.  they all think the way we live now is the way we will live tomorrow.  masked, vaxed & doing our best to protect ourselves from the virus.  but will we always behave like this?  i don't know.  the new normal, or the new new nromal, will dictate life as we live it.  but for now, nick's generation, i gather, & the rest of us human beings, must come to peace with the world as it is.  but for the better perspective we need to live thru these days before we can accurately record the madness of our age.    


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