Thursday, March 24, 2005

weather here has been alternating from sublime to rainy and shitty. oh well, I've recently ordered a batch of books and every other day is a new shipment awaiting me when I get home. ooooh! feel like a boy at Xmas cuz I've not fallen out of love with the weight and smell, the sheer mass, of books.

a delightful discovery is the first book by Bay Area poet Rusty Morrison, Whethering (Center for Literary Publishing, 2004). actually I've been looking forward to this book since I found out about its publication. Morrison is one of my favorite poet-critics around, and I read this in one gulp when I opened the package. I'd write more about it but I think the book deserves one hell of a review with a very careful reading. let me say tho that I get shivers when I read Morrison's work, and I'm very happy she has now a book out.

also, been digging Eileen's post on tourism poetics. ay, she's on to something there.

oh and another thing, where, oh where is Steve Tills. miss his words, man.