Tuesday, May 22, 2007

don't know how to interpret dreams, or whether they are important enough to interpret. rarely do i remember my dreams long enough to ruminate over them.

this weekend i had a dream where i was living in a police state. you were left alone for the most part to say and behave however you want. but when the authorities took an interest in you, you are fucked.

which happened. before i woke up i was trying to convince the secret police that my name is richard lopez, that i live at such and such, without showing them my papers. even in describing this i am fighting a tendency to embellish it. i've no idea what i or the cops meant by 'search' or 'papers' other than the definitions popularized in the movies and novels.

i did know that my friend was arrested at the same moment i was trying to sneak away because the interrogations took place in broad daylight on the street. then i awoke.

i've no idea what all that means. but i do find it significant that i can remember at least those parts of my dream 2 days after waking up.


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