Wednesday, February 04, 2009

another cold

that's right, i got another cold -- again!! staying home from work since i lost my voice -- again!!! -- and felt sort of beaten and bloody this morning. and am heading back to bed for a much needed nap.

the memorial yesterday, wasn't a funeral but a remembrance of a human life, was lovely with an emphasis on humor. yet, the service ended with a performance of the song 'i'll fly away' and i nearly lost it.

i know life is short, even if you manage a very long and healthy life. even then it is still very, very short. what can i add to that thought? only that i hope seriously not to ever lost my sense of the absurd and what passes for me as humor.

does it help in life to have overwhelming obsessions such as poetry? certainly, it matters to give a life depth, dimension and even perhaps definition. like a religion, almost successfully.

oh and it helps to have a measure of humility too. at least that is what my ego tells me. that's right, i am humble, dammit!


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