Wednesday, February 25, 2009


'I tried to fight life's alchemical book.'

--garrett caples

'But the sequence of of random inconsequential incidents that led you here -- the time two years ago when you braked to keep from running over a turtle that turned out to be part of a beer bottle in the road, that instant when reaching for a book, another book near it on the shelf caught your attention, the Friday night you took a right on the way home when you might have gone straight. Those forgotten, stupid, inconsequential moments form beds of substrate underlying all the logic on the surface.'

'Poetry with its amphetamine rushes lighting us up, lighting up whatever it is we call our inner selves, that holy knot that gives us a hold on what we actually feel.'

--forrest gander

'When I love, when I art, when I give my best everything, I'm happy. As I wrote long ago, "When I say happy, I mean so damn glad to be alive."'

--john bloomberg-rissman

'Writing this down is an act of adoration.'

--dodie bellamy


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