Wednesday, February 11, 2009

notes from the trailer park

i've got many, many favorite movie trailers. sometimes the trailers are the best part of the movies. and seeing them in the theater was an event. at least it was for me way back when. now at the movies you've got to sit thru 1/2 hr of freaking commercials before you even get to the trailers. fuck that.

anyway, here are two of my recent favorites. the first is made by director robert rodriguez for a fictive movie called machete. starring hatchet-faced danny trejo as the eponymous anti-hero and featuring jeff fahey as the villain. rodgriguez made the trailer as a piece for the omnibus homage to exploitation cinema grindhouse. i might've written about this piece before however the line THEY JUST FUCKED WITH THE WRONG MEXICAN floated into mind as i was walking to work as my brain began to loop certain sections much the way a song can get stuck in your head. i just love that line and i think rodriquez quite succinctly captures the sleaze of exploitation cinema.

the next trailer is for an exploitation double-feature the blood-spattered bride/i dismember momma from 1974. the trailer focuses on the effects watching horror movies has on certain members of the audience. the gist is a man went insane in the theater while watching the double-bill and a news crew is on-scene to get the low-down. very little is said about the movies but the trailer is heavily edited with very short, tight gore scenes to punctuate their sensationalism. but what the trailer seems intent on selling is the experience of movie-going rather than the films proper. that is one of the reasons why like this trailer so and the fact that whoever directed it is possessed with a large sense of humor. that's right, you'll laugh at it until you cry.


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