Saturday, February 07, 2009

shopping overdrive

not one to pass judgment there are instances when the mind's gears kick into drive --

e.g. after an evening shopping at discount marts - ross & marshalls - where knock-off clothes & books & dvds & housewares - are found on the very cheap of the consumer spectrum --

i stopped at the local safeway supermarket for beer and chew bones for the dogs - i was standing in line to pay for my goods when i glanced at the contents of the basket in front of me --

the basket's owner was a young man dressed in a style that i'm sure has a name but which i don't know what it is - oversized baseball hat worn low over the ears - sparse but neatly trimmed beard - long-sleeved jersey-styled shirt - pressed jeans & i bet if he wears cologne it would be paco rabane --

just the same it was the continuity of his items that kicked my head into drive:

1 packet of condomsJustify Full
1 tube of ky glide
1 packet of chewing gum
1 bottle of merlot from the francis ford coppola vineyards
2 cans of carpet cleaner

as i tried to imagine his plans for his evening & to which i leave to your imagination too


At 10:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

fucking hilarious!

dude must be in the porn industry.



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