Thursday, February 05, 2009

let's dance

after what seemed like a seriously long time in the doldrums here comes the rain. and without sounding too goofy, okay let it be too goofy, it is glorious. california needs lotsa rain and today it arrived cleaning the air and scrubbing away my blues.

no one, even the rain, had such small hands, if i may purposefully misquote cummings, because there are weather patterns and moments within those patterns that drive home the mysteries and utter joyous features of being alive. to be alive i suppose one must be tenacious and stubborn. but not too or else you risk developing a callous to the sensuous matters of life. such as the smell and feel of rain on my senses.

tonight driving home from the grocery store in the rain the radio tuned in to david bowie's song 'modern love'. i fucking love this song. it brought me back to 1983 when bowie, who is one of the coolest mofos on this planet, remade himself yet again to a shining pop star. and it was glorious. there is that large part of me who prefers bowie's androgynous early ziggy stardust but latter bowie singing about love, and oh man, i'm done for.

it is good to be alive. even now at this strange, scary time. 'modern love walks on by'.


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