Sunday, February 15, 2009

goya de honor

below is proof that the u.s. academy awards show sucks big-time ass. i can't quite think of an equivalent u.s. director - perhaps russ meyer? - getting a life-time achievement oscar. what i love is the montage of film clips of a life's work. the u.s. wouldn't ever, ever, EVER, with an added emphasis on both syllables -- EV-ER -- dare broadcast such explicit fare. plus the u.s. academy doesn't have the cojones to celebrate, much less, even tip the hat to a wild filmmaker like meyer.

just the same, i think meyer's work is fairly tame compared to jess franco's cinematic manias. below spanish exploitation filmmaker jess franco receives the goya de honor in spain for his large body of work. beside him is his long-time partner and muse and frequent star of his films lina romay. franco gets a standing ovation, but even in spain i wonder what the likes of most of the audience are thinking as they stand to applaud franco's life and work. still, the honor is light-years away from what the u.s. academy awards would even broach. hell, the oscars tend to get all teary eyed on pap such as forrest gump and childen of a lesser god and and and. . .

dig. no, really, dig this clip.


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