Sunday, March 01, 2009


been stuck in a pissy mood all day. it may be from the weather, rainy and windy, but i usually get a psychic charge out of wintry days. what could it be. hmmm. . .i don't really care for any kind of analyses. we all feel shitty sometimes. still, coming out of my funk i hear the wind blow strong outside and the sound invigorates.

maybe it's the fact of aging, but yesterday i was about to post a piece titled 'on the pleasures of aging' because growing older does indeed have its fair share of pleasures. they may seem like negative traits, but one can take pleasure in them. for example, i've been going to youtube the past week to watch live video of one of my favorite early '90s shoegazer bands, slowdive, awesome soaring guitars as the vocals low in the mix increase in intensity to combine into a massively solid whole.

so then i went to wikipedia to learn a bit more about the band members, of which i know dick, even after years of listening to the band with increasing admiration. anyway, one member, rachel goswell, who along with her fellow bandmate and erstwhile slowdive leader, neil halstead, later founded the band mojave 3, goswell had blown out an eardrum and now requires a hearing aid. i thought that lucky girl. i'll tell you why. because hearing loss is something i look forward to, in a way, as long as it can easily be corrected with hearing aids. that way i can have a choice, to hear or not to hear. think about being on a crowded train or bus. if you have perfect hearing you have no choice but to try to tune out the cacophony that surrounds you. but with a hearing aid, all you have to do is switch it off, and there you have it, peace and quiet. bliss.

besides, you can still rock as you age. this morning i caught a bit of the great punk band x on tv. how old are they now? they've gots to be in their 50s at least. and they still kick ass. also, early last month the great lux interior of the psychobilly band the cramps, died. he was 60. i was shocked both by his death then his age. really? 60?! and he could still belt it out. he is still 'the garbage man'.

even tho my bones might creak, even tho my eyesight is piss-poor, even tho my hearing ain't great, even tho i may need someday soon a walker, or a high-powered lark with chrome wheels and tuck and roll upholstered seat and a pair of dice hanging from the handlebar and painted on the front will be DEATH FROM BELOW, i'm gonna take up skateboarding again. watch out punks, i'm on a roll. for reals.


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