Tuesday, July 12, 2011

from way up late

summer sun flash

i am the cartographer of stillness

working seriously on being both a man and a mouse

bring a ghoul friend

the shortest distance between here and there

--3/31/11, 12:46 am


At 5:23 AM, Anonymous Vaguely Quotable said...

Cartographer of Stillness could be a good title for a collection / chappie.

At 11:02 PM, Blogger richard lopez said...

hmmm . . i read somewhere about a coworker of whitman, when whitman worked in some clerical position, that the good grey poet was so lazy to eat he'd have to have one person open his mouth, and a second person to close his mouth and move his jaws to chew his food. and yet, we have the poems for a tireless word worker.

i suppose that's what i'm trying to get to too. mapping my own territory in the mystic studies of un-action.

At 6:34 PM, Blogger Jim K. said...

damn, it's something, wherever it's

cartographer of stillness is an
awesome crystalizing phrase


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